Your quality book donations are always welcome!

Please contact us to arrange a book drive or donation pick-up, or drop your book donations off at one of these locations.

We also seek new books for adults learning to read: Imagine being 50 years old and being taught to read from a children’s book! There are so many barriers to literacy for new readers, and the humiliation of being taught to read using books meant for a toddler can be a huge deterrent for many.

That’s why we purchase books specifically for adult learners. These books are unique: They are written for adults at the first through fifth grade reading levels. Most readers don’t have books like that in their home, and there are only a handful of publishers in the U.S. who publish such books.

Please help us purchase appropriate books for our partner programs by making a donation here.

We’re are also looking to collect dictionaries and sets of books for them–especially books that are age and culturally appropriate page turners.

We are committed to providing age and culturally relevant reading material to Detroit literacy programs and residents. 

Thank you for supporting us in this mission.